The ancient mansion offers a suggestive panorama with open spaces in the large vineyard, the panoramic tower can accommodate people in a shareable and suggestive environment. Private room for those who want it with 2 beds and bathroom, panoramic tower 3 bunk beds (6 beds) .Small space for do-it-yourself breakfast. Possibility of accommodation also with tent and sleeping bag, relaxation areas in the greenery for meditation, outdoor shower to cool tired body and mind. Optimal route also for e-bike lovers. Wifi

Opening: from April 1st to December 31st
Bedrooms: 2
Sleeps / bed: 6
4 beds in the panoramic tower
Bathroom 1
Self-managed breakfast (snack)
Possibility of dinner and lunch


Ricordati o Viandante di questo antico cammino tra I vigneti,in questa terra che fu degli Apuo Liguri che Roma non domò, e di queste pietre che furono nei secoli calpestate nel sacro pellegrinaggio verso Gerusalemme.

Famiglia Pucci